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Pattern glass can be used to obscure the visibility of a window creating more privacy or as a decorative feature for windows or cabinetry. There have been many different patterns used by a variety of manufacturers over the years and unfortunately not all patterns are available today. Below are some of the most common patterns we have available. Please Contact Us for pricing and other available patterns.


     Aquatex                                                     Glue Chip                                               Pattern 62



    Rain                                      Sateen




Insulated Glass (or IG unit) is two or more layers of glass sealed around the edges with an air space between, to form a single unit. 

Low-E / argon gas are optional additions to insulated glass and are used to improve the performance.

The process of tempering glass makes the glass stronger and causes it  (when you break it) to shatter into small pieces instead of breaking into jagged pieces like annealed (non-tempered) glass. These smaller pieces are less likely to cause injury when broken.

  • Approximately 5x stronger than annealed glass. 
  • Suitable as safety glass (in doors, hazardous locations such as showers and <18" from ground)
  • Increases wind load